Springtime/ Fire Ants

Hi! I'm Weldon Hurt. And as Springtime closes in our phones start lighting up at Pest Patrol. I've noticed a few varieties of pests all ready zooming around. Even after the hard freeze we've had, there are already bugs.

I was standing next to a pool in the evening and noticed fire ant reproductives in the water. This is part of their reproductive process. Male and female reproductives (alates) swarm several hundred feet into the air to mate. Males die shortly after mating and females fall back to the earth to find a suitable place for a colony. Bright pools seem to be a good landing area. Unfortunately for them, most will perish.

Fire ants natural defense is a painful sting. These bite areas can produce pustules on the skin and some infections when multiple stings occur. Treatment for these stings are:

  • wash area with soap and water
  • apply bandages
  • apply steroid creams
  • apply cold compresses.

There are also a few steps to prevent fire ant harborage areas:

  • keep firewood raised off the ground
  • keep area free of old lumber on the ground
  • keep area free of debris

It is necessary at times for a professional to treat areas to control fire ants for longer periods of time. If you have questions about fire ants or any other Springtime pests, call or text Pest Patrol at 325-673-6700.

Here's to keeping your outdoor area Pest Free.

Weldon Hurt/President

Pest Patrol

fireant picture