Rental Properties in Abilene, Texas Have Bugs!!!

Well, the phone calls and texts have been buzzing away here at Pest Patrol. We are getting really good questions about residential and commercial pest control services. Additionally, with the hot real estate market, the calls for service on rentals have started to increase. Rental properties are great investments, however they can come with some headaches.

Rental residents can cause a number of problems. There may be sanitation issues, poor maintenance including lawn and and landscape, physical damage and an array of other issues.

When we are providing service to rental properties in Abilene, Big Spring, Sweetwater and surrounding areas, there are a few solid things that must happen to ensure great service:

  • COMMUNICATION!!! Communication between company, property owner/manager and rental resident.
  • Resident compliance with scheduling and treatment preparation.
  • Adhering to sanitation and physical changes needed to perform service.

It takes an effort on all parties to have successful pest control service in rentals. We provide written documentation of the service provided, condition of property and alterations needed for complete and successful treatments. If these are not completed, service will take longer to work or fail altogether. It's truly a team effort.

If you have any questions about pest services for residential or commercial rentals, give Pest Patrol a call or text at 325-673-6700 or look us up at


Weldon Hurt- President

Pest Patrol