Do bugs die off in the winter??


Hello friends. At Pest Patrol, we recently had several conversations with folks asking if this cold weather will "kill" all the bugs. The real truth is bugs can really prepare for the winter. Just wait until the next warm, sunny day and see how many creatures come out. That's why we encourage our customers to use our quarterly "PEST SHIELD" to provide protection and prevention year-round for your home or business. We can always tell a huge difference for our customers who use this service.

You still need to prepare for these pests by:

  • Eliminating harborage areas.
  • Remove or monitor potential food sources.
  • Eliminate standing water.

Pest populations do tend to be less severe in cooler months but other pests such rodent activity will pick up. So using a professional to continually monitor is a great idea.

If you have any questions about cool season pests or any other pest problems, just call or text Pest Patrol at 325-673-6700 or search us at