Abilene, TX Has Winter Bugs!

Here at Pest Patrol, we are moving into the Winter months and weather that come with it. I'm often asked during this time if it's necessary to continue pest services this time of year.

We are having seasonally warm temperatures at this time. But we can just think of last year with "Snowmageddon" and the deep freeze that came with it and we had plenty of pest issues the following Spring. A good freeze is essential for normal pest activity. There is never elimination.

There are also different pests that we see more in structures during the colder months, especially rats and mice. Their activity increases as they seek shelter from the cooler elements as well as forage for food. To prevent rodent infestations you can follow a few practices:

  • Eliminate harborage areas such as trash piles.
  • Keep grass and weeds at low levels.
  • Take away food sources such as trash and pet food.
  • Seal entry points into structures.

Most occasional pest activity is slower during this period, but as our weather fluctuates from cooler to warmer days we see several pests "wake up" when the Sun comes out. We encourage our customers to stay on a Pest Shield service to have continuous control.

If you have any questions about the Pest Patrol Pest Shield or any other pest needs for residential or commercial structures, call or text Pest Patrol at 325-673-6700 or search us at http://westtexaspestpatrol.com. Stay pest free year round!

Weldon Hurt- President

Pest Patrol