Getting rid of Mosquitoes



Here at Pest Patrol Termite and Pest Control we have frantic customers call us several times a week, during the warmer months, asking “How Can I Get Rid Of Mosquitoes?!”.  Mosquitoes carry a number of diseases and viruses including West Nile Virus, St Louis encephalitis, Chikungunya Virus, Dengue Fever and the Zika Virus.  They are also a big nuisance when trying to enjoy outdoor activities.


Here are 8 helpful hints to prevent and protect against mosquitoes:


  • Remove standing water from areas such as old tires, bottles, pans and bird baths.
  • Change pet water daily.
  • Clean gutters of all debris that hold standing water.
  • Cover trash containers.
  • Keep area clean of tall grass and weeds.
  • Wear long sleeves and pants to prevent bites.
  • Limit activities at dusk & dawn.
  • Wear repellants containing DEET.


There are several options for mosquito treatments and we would love to visit with you about our In2Care mosquito program.  We use containers to lure gravid females.  When she comes into contact with our lure, she is dusted with a fungus and an IGR that she takes back to all other egg habitats and prevents these larva from ever maturing.  There is less need for adult pesticides and greatly reduces the impact of killing non-target pest and most importantly pollinators.


If you have a mosquito problem…or any other type pest…or just need us to look at your home…CALL Pest Patrol at 325-673-6700.  I’ll be happy to speak with you or you can schedule a free 41 point in home analysis and inspection.


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