Do I have Carpenter Ants?

Do I Have Carpenter Ants?


Here at Pest Patrol Termite and Pest Control we get daily calls about ants.  In our area there are several varieties of these species but one in particular is Carpenter Ants.  They are usually a larger ant with black tails and red heads.  Sometimes they have wings, but not always.  They are commonly found trailing on structures close to foliage and looking for entrances into the home.


Carpenter Ants are considered wood destroying insects.  They do not eat and digest wood as a termite does, but over periods of time they can do wood damage as they gnaw out areas in voids to nest and colonize.  They should be addressed  soon  when infesting your home.


Here are 5 tips to keep your home free from carpenter ants:

  1. Keep shrubs and foliage trimmed away from the structure.
  2. Keep over hanging tree limbs trimmed from eaves and roof line.
  3. Caulk and seal cracks especially around windows.
  4. Keep wood debris away from the structure.
  5. Keep wood piles away from structure and elevated.

Carpenter Ants are generally easily eradicated by a licensed pest professional.  If you have, or think you have Carpenter Ants, give is a call at 325-673-6700.  We would be glad to work with you for carpenter ants or any other pests.  Ask about our FREE 41 point in-home analysis and 100% money back guarantee!


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