I’ve Got Dead Bugs Everywhere!!!

Here at Pest Patrol, we occasionally receive calls from accounts after we have serviced saying “I have dead bugs everywhere”. Many times, I get a confused reaction when I tell them “you’re welcome”. But, let’s look at the issues. If you are continually finding a lot of dead bugs after treatment, you need to consider where they are coming in. A preventative pesticide application does not deter pests, but rather kills them when they travel through the barrier.

You may need to do some physical “pest proofing” of your property. Here are a few helpful ways:
• Check doorways and thresholds to make sure they are properly sealed.
• Check caulking around windows and other penetrations
• Check for cracks around foundations and brickworks and seal the openings          
• Close up any other large openings that pests can enter

We do use pesticides to keep pests from infesting a structure but if there are large openings, these are limited for complete control. As we often say around here, “you need to shut the gate”!

If you have any pest problems, feel free to give us a call or text at Pest Patrol. Here’s to keeping your home Pest Free!

Weldon Hurt, President
Pest Patrol ǀ Termite and Pest Control