Why Do I Have So Many Flies?




Here at Pest Patrol Termite and Pest Control we receive call throughout the year asking “why do I have so many flies?”.  Flies can be a pest year-round but especially in the warmer months.  Flies most often breed in very unsanitary areas and can carry multiple diseases including Anthrax, Cholera, dysentery, Typhoid fever and cause food poisoning.

There are multiple types of flies including filth flies, small flies and nuisance & biting flies.  Today we will talk about filth flies which include house flies, blow and bottle flies and flesh-eating flies.

As I have mentioned, these flies love to lay their eggs in very unsanitary conditions including garbage, rotted food, dead animal carcasses and feces.  They can breed quickly and multiply very fast.


Here are 5 helpful way to prevent filth flies:


  • Clean garbage cans and dumpsters. Bag your garbage, especially organic material.
  • Make sure screens and doors are in working condition. Do not leave doors and windows open when avoidable.
  • Clean up pet and livestock waste.
  • Remove dead animal carcasses.
  • Keep outdoor areas clean of organic matter, clean pet bedding and apply fresh straw to exterior animal beds.

There are several treatment methods to control flies including sprays, mists, dusts, baits and attractant traps but sanitation is the #1 priority for successful control.

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