What is biting me?? IS IT BEDBUGS?



We get calls almost daily here at Pest Patrol Termite and Pest Control with concerns about bed bugs.  The typical questions are “Something is biting me” or “Could it be bed bugs”?  And then if you think it could be bed bugs; there is panic mode.  The truth is that bed bugs have made a strong resurgence in the past 5 to 7 years.  There’s not a great explanation as to why, since they have virtually been eliminated since the 1950’s but experts agree it is in part due to increased European travel as well as the loss of some classifications of pesticides that controlled these pests well.

If you think that you may have bed bugs it is important to call a pest professional.  The worst thing you can do is self pest control.  This actually will more than likely make the problem worse and extend the amount of time to eliminate them.  As well as increase the treatment price.


Here are 4 things you can do to prevent getting bed bugs:

  1. Check motel/hotel rooms when traveling. Travel is the number 1 way of getting bedbugs.
  2. Check yours as well as  your kids backpacks and travel bags when staying anywhere else.
  3. Know where your house guests have been.
  4. Put clothing in a hot dryer after travel.

We also recommend a website called BedBugCentral.com.  It has great videos on how to inspect hotel rooms when traveling.

If you do come in contact with bed bugs, I cannot stress how important it is to call a professional.  We would love to schedule an appointment for an inspection and identification.  We use a multiple discipline treatment approach as well as monitoring and an elimination guarantee.

If you think you have bed bugs, or any other pest…call Pest Patrol!  We would love to visit with you. 325-673-6700!

We want you to be BedBugFree!!!


Weldon Hurt, President

Pest Patrol Termite and Pest Control