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Pest Patrol is the best hired gun in town for bug killing. My family really appreciates their great service!

David R.

I discovered a mouse in my kitchen this afternoon. I called Pest Patrol and explained that I am 9 months pregnant and I was standing on a chair in my kitchen with a broom, a shoe box and a 2 year old child being held captive by a mouse. They sent somebody over lickety split with some traps and solved my problem. That's what I call great customer service! Thank you!

April P.

Pest Patrol is one of the reasons Windmill Animal Hospital can say "And It Smells Good Too!"...thanks for the great work, Pest Patrol!

Dale Price

Pest Patrol gave me a free estimate and scheduled ASAP to treat my termite problems. Now we have peace of mind and don’t have to worry about termites anymore!

Matt P.