How to get rid of fleas and ticks

Ticks & Fleas on household pets

Here at Pest Patrol Termite & Pest Control we get calls from frantic homeowners asking, “How do I get rid of fleas and ticks on my property?” And since most of us consider our pets as family members, this should be taken very seriously.

Not only are these parasites dangerous to the health of our animals, they also carry a number of serious diseases that can be transmitted to humans. Some of the common ones are: Parasitic Dermatitis, Lyme Disease, bubonic plague and deadly Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever!

You should address these pest infestations as soon as they are discovered.

Here are 6 tips to help keep YOU and YOUR PETS safer!

• Properly and frequently groom and inspect your pets for pests and bites.

• Frequently change and wash pet bedding. Make sure detergents used aren’t harmful to your pet’s sensitivity or allergies.

• Keep animals in a contained area. Fenced yards on exteriors. Keep on leashes in public areas. Always inspect your pet after going into public areas.

• If you have an outside pet, properly maintain your grassy areas. Keep lawn cut to 4” or lower. Limit cluttered areas. It’s a good idea to be able to lift and move dog houses for inspections and treatments if necessary.

• If you live in areas with frequent flea & tick problems, we recommend visiting your vet for systemic treatments.

• And, overall general health and diet of your pet will help them fight off problems should they contact these pests.

We should be able to enjoy our family pets and let them live a long and full life.

If you have a problem with fleas or ticks…or any other kind of pest…or simply a question…call Pest Patrol at 325-673-6700 and ask for me, Weldon Hurt. I’ll be happy to speak with you anytime!

Here’s to helping YOU and your PETS live PEST FREE!

Weldon Hurt, President
Pest Patrol Termite & Pest Control
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