Cooler Weather; I’m still seeing pests!

Here at Pest Patrol, we receive numerous calls this time of year with the question, “why am I still having pests?” Shouldn’t the cooler weather take care of them?

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve had calls about an abundant amount of stinging scorpions as well as lots of wasp activity around structures. We can contribute this to that the pests are somewhat confused. They naturally know that it is time for them to go dormant and then we get an 80-degree day and they come back out in force.

That is why it’s always good to stay on a pest maintenance service year-round. We never actually have enough continuous cold weather in our area to eliminate these types of pests.

But, there are still some precautions you can take!

  • Check inside your shoes and clothes hampers.
  • Keep shrubs trimmed away from the exterior of the home. Wasps are attracted to aphids and other pests on them.
  • Seal loose siding and open soffits around eaves.
  • And always keep firewood piles raised and away from structures.

Even after a good hard freeze, it only takes a little warm weather to “wake” these pests back up. Always be on the look out.

If you have problems with these occasional invaders…or any other types of pests…call Pest Patrol at  325-673-6700. We would love to hear from you anytime!

Here’s to helping keep your home and business PEST FREE!