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Here at Pest Patrol termite & Pest Control we frequently get calls from homeowners saying “Something is eating my cereal in my cabinets!”.  We have a variety of pest that attack cereals, flour, herbs, chocolate, dried fruits, pet food and even organic items like paper towels.

These insects found in these products are often referred to as weevils; however, they are most commonly moths or beetles.  The most common moth in our area is the Indian Meal Moth.  It prefers dried fruits, bird seed, and dry dog food.  Grain beetles prefer flour, pasta and cereal.  But can be found occasionally in other food like whole grains, herbs and even paper goods.

These pests are usually transported into our homes from outside food sources.  They can originate in processing plants, the warehouse, delivery vehicle or the retail source.  Over periods of time these pests can damage large amounts of food that will be expensive to replace.

Most of the damage is done by the larva of these pest so they can go unnoticed at times until the adults emerge.


Here are 5 tips to prevent pantry pests:


  • Always keep open grain products tightly sealed after opening.
  • Check expiration dates, the longer these products stay in 1 place the more susceptible they are for infestation.
  • Keep dry pet food in a sealed container.
  • Look for dust type droppings in cabinets where products are stored.
  • Occasionally inspect these types of foods and discard if any pest are found.

Pesticides can be used for control of these pest but is limited in success.  Care must be taken when making applications where food is stored.  You must find the breeding source and remove to eliminate the infestation.

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