Are Termites In Your House?




Here at Pest Patrol Termite & Pest Control we are contacted several times a week from frantic homeowners who think they have termites in their home.  And since your home can be your single largest investment, termite issues should be resolved quickly.


Annually termites cause over 5 BILLION dollars in damage to structures in the U.S. If you think you have an infestation or just need an inspection, call a professional.


Things to look for if you think you have termites

  • Swarming insects that look like black ants with clear wings. (Our professionals can tell the difference with a quick inspection)
  • Mud tubes on exterior foundation or in crawlspace.
  • Soft places or trails in sheetrock.


Helpful hints to prevent termites

  • Remove brush piles, old lumber and firewood next your structure.
  • Remove or fix excessive moisture sources.
  • Prevent wood to ground contact.


Termite treatments should be performed by a licensed company.  There are many treatment and warranty options.


If you have a problem with termites or just need your home inspected…or simply a question…call Pest Patrol at 325-673-6700.  I’ll be happy to speak to you or you can schedule a free, no obligation, 41 point in-home analysis and inspection.


Here’s to keeping your investment termite FREE!

Weldon Hurt, President

Pest Patrol Termite & Pest Control


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